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Laboratórios Basi

A challenge of significant dimension with the demands of the pharmaceutical sector.

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Turim Boulevard Hotel
Portugal, 2019
Execution of an interior carpentry project.
Porto Palace Hotel – VIP Lounge
Portugal, 2020
An iconic space, even more refined and modern.
Alcon Escritórios
Portugal, 2020
Office Modernization.
Portugal, 2021
Design-Build project in the Farming industry.
Conde Lima
Portugal, 2022
Residential project differentiated by vanguard architecture.
Edifício Inovação | LG
Portugal, 2018
Renovation and modernization of Corporate Headquarters.
Máxiplas, Grupo Socem
Portugal, 2021
Investment in the Modernization and Expansion of the Maxiplás plant.
Estoril Ocean Residence
Estoril Ocean Residence, Portugal, 2019
Contribution to the Interiors of Premium Residences.
MD Plastics
Portugal, 2018
Design-Build project for the expansion and diversification of our Client’s business.
Roland Berger
Portugal, 2019
Office modernization to meet growth challenges.
Portugal, 2020
Construction of a multifaceted space to support business growth.
Laboratórios Basi
Portugal, 2019
A challenge of significant dimension with the demands of the pharmaceutical sector.
Luís Silvério
Portugal, 2019
Design-Build of an Industrial Unit for the Processing and Preservation of fresh fish.
Premium Condominium, Bloom Marina
Portugal, 2021
Luxury, Exclusivity and Quality of Life are the ambition of this project under development.
Socem ITS
Portugal, 2019
Our contribution to the continuous and sustained growth of the Socem Group.
Tivoli, Vilamoura
Execution of Carpentry Work in a Prestigious Hotel.
France-Hall Madeleine
Grand Hotel Dieu, France, 2017
Design and installation of custom project carpentry work in Paris.
Tondela Villa
Portugal, 2015
Contribution to a project characterized by its detail and elegance.
Grand Hotel Dieu
Grand Hotel Dieu, France, 2015
Metalworking design and installation works for luxury finishes.
H3 – Tomatino
Portugal, 2018
Remodelling project for restaurant in commercial space.
Telles Abreu Advogados
Portugal, 2020
Interior design project marked by sobriety.
Flagship Rolex
Portugal, 2020
Execution of flagship store for Rolex brand.
Portugal, 2020
Remodeling of the Luxury Shop in Av. da Liberdade.
Portugal, 2020
Construction of an Industrial Unit designed to meet the challenges of a growing business.
Brasserie Hippodrome Longchamp
France, 2018
Manufacture and assembly of carpentry and metalwork carried out in oak and steel.
Lacoste Colombo
Portugal, 2018
Remodelling of clothing shops.
Restaurante Provincia
Portugal, 2020
Execution of a restaurant project with a focus on architecture and beauty.