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Transfor assumes a global commitment, aiming at the Quality of its services and products, the defense of the Environment, and Health and Safety at work, with the goal of achieving the Satisfaction of Customers, Employees, Suppliers, and Partners, and recognition in the market as a competitive company.

It is also Transfor’s mission to ensure commitment to society and the environment in which the company operates, actively supporting cultural and sports events, charity, and solidarity initiatives.

Through continuous improvement and support for change, we aim to provide our customers with the same level of quality across all their businesses through the different Business Units.

Our policy establishes the following essential pillars:

Commitment to the Customer

Exceeding customer expectations is at the heart of our delivery and dedication. We believe that commitment and closeness are the foundation for creating value.


We seek sustainability and efficiency in our practice through the optimization of resources and the behavioral awareness of all members of the organization.

Working to prevent the carbon footprint of our activity, seeking action supported by more sustainable practices and materials concerned with being more environmentally friendly.

Continuous Improvement

Continuously improve our QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) performance over time, ensuring the adoption of best practices, optimization of processes that impact the valuation of the company’s economic activity services/products.


Comply with legal, normative, and regulatory requirements applicable to QHSE, ensuring a sustainable and future-oriented business.”

To fulfill the commitments of our policy at Transfor:

  • We ensure that the commitment to Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment is fully integrated into our business processes, in core and support activities, following the reference standards ISO NP 9001; ISO NP 45001; ISO NP 14001 and NP ISO/IEC 27001;
  • We build and maintain a trusting relationship with our customers, supporting the customer at different stages of the production process;
  • We consistently act ethically in our relationships with all business partners, respecting individuality and the code of conduct cultivated by an organization recognized as serious and empathetic;
  • We focus on the enhancement of our employees, promoting internal communication channels, training for our workers, through the promotion and professional development of employees, aiming to match their skills to the roles they perform, providing suitable working conditions to motivate them;
  • We comply with legal compliance obligations, normative and regulatory requirements applicable to us, as well as the requirements of interested parties;
  • We promote the safety and health of our employees by eliminating risks and reducing health and safety risks at work;
  • We are committed to sustainable development through environmental protection, pollution prevention, and raising awareness of everyone who performs tasks for Transfor or on its behalf and who might cause significant environmental harm;
  • We promote the application of good environmental management practices, specifically, judicious waste management, prioritizing reduction, reuse, and recycling/upcycling;
  • Investment and allocation of resources suitable for the implementation of the QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) policy at the level of all processes and business units, ensuring cultural and financial commitment from leadership and shareholders

This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to the purpose of our organization.

It is also emphasized that this Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Policy applies to the following companies, namely:

  • Transfor Group, S.A
  • Transfor – Engenharia e Construção S.A
  • Transfor – Indústria, S.A
  • Nova Transfor – Interiores, S.A
  • Transfor Sustentabilidade, S.A

Approved by the administration on 31/07/2023.