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Distinction &
Quality of execution.

We work in production of industrial carpentry and locksmith, driven by the ambition of developing efficient and technical solutions, which achieve the ideas and designs of the project owners with diverse materials.
Do you have an idea that needs putting into practice?

A commitment invested in detail, thoroughness and the capacity to reinvent ourselves to suit each project or challenge. The goal is to be a benchmark company in industrial carpentry and locksmith solutions, while striving to extend our offer to a wide range of materials beyond steel and wood.

We invest heavily in modernisation and technology, and today have around 8,000 m² of roofed covered area and a total of 25,000 m² of top-of-the-range production capacity, production lines and automation operations in the sector.

Resilience and a willingness to learn are at the core of the development of solutions, which make the difference in an increasingly demanding market that is constantly renewing itself, coming up with tailor-made and innovative construction solutions.

Execution and application of global carpentry solutions.

Industrial Carpentry

  • Design & Comfort
    • Wardrobes and Closets
    • Occasional Furniture
  • Doors & panelling
  • Linings and flooring
  • Structures
  • Outdoor decks

Execution and application of global metalwork solutions.

Industrial Metalwork

  • Metal construction
  • Iron, Brass & Stainless steel metalwork
  • Staircases, platforms, walkways, fencing and gates
  • Steel lining
  • Other products of add value

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