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The Group

Focus on excellence, ambition
and going that extra mile.

engineering realities

What we do

We create and develop business to sustain and increase the capacities of the companies of the Group and carry out other projects that can complement our offer in the future. Every day we seek to solidify the growth in each of our business areas by trying to increase our expertise, implementing best practices, management tools and innovative technology.

Our business

Ingenuity and engineering has always been part of our pathway and growth. With time, opportunities and challenges appeared, which allowed us to complement our offer. We began in the refurbishment area, evolving to a Group of companies operating in the Engineering and Construction areas, with a general and integrated offer.

After working on civil construction, our focus and specialization led us to invest in carpentry and locksmith, and more recently in refurbishment and the creation of new interior spaces and environments.

Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are determined to build a better tomorrow, guided by innovation with audacious attitude.

Nurturing our growth means nurturing the growth of everyone.


Today and tomorrow, we believe it is always possible to improve provided we are guided by our desire to go that extra mile, hard work and the spirit of collaboration.